Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well, we made it!!!! Graham and Evie Claire are ONE and everyone, including the dog, survived! Hallelujah! There are definitely times during the last 12 months I didn't think we would!

-You are giving kisses, more to objects than to mommy or daddy
-You took your first steps, in the nursery to daddy
-You babble, lots
-You like to growl, especially when you eat
-You weigh 21 lbs, 10 oz (31st percentile) and are 30 inches long (56th percentile)
You said "book" and "bye bye"

Evie Claire:
-You are clapping your hands
-You are walking, while holding on
-You love to play peek a boo
-You are giving kisses on the mouth
-You weigh 18 lbs 10 oz (12th percentile) and are 29 inches long (45th percentile)

What a long way you have come! We love you so incredibly much are are so excited to see what year 2 holds!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

What a difference a year makes!!!! This was me on Christmas Eve last year and the pictures of Graham and Evie Claire were taken this morning! I am so thankful for God's protection over my delivery and G and EC's stay in the NICU as well as the wonderful staff who took care of all of us! Last year I couldn't help but think what this Christmas would be like with 2 babies crawling around and it's already here! Although G and EC don't know it's Christmas or what all the lights and presents are about I know that I will remember this Christmas forever! I am completely undeserving of such 2 precious gifts and I thank God for them! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

11 Months Old!!!

In one month G and EC will be ONE!!!!! I still can't believe it!! Birthday party planning is in full effect!! 

You have 8 teeth
You are walking all around the living room while holding onto the furniture
You have started feeding yourself, small foods like puffs and Cheerios
You are letting go while standing up

Evie Claire:
You have 4 teeth
You have started feeding yourself, small foods like Puffs and Cheerios
You are pulling up onto everything
You said "momma" for the first time
You are waving "Bye Bye"

We took a ton of pictures this past month! And I am way behind on blogging..... :) Hoping to catch up before Christmas!! 

EC loves to be loud and G usually just looks at her when she squeals...

EC loves every toy that G has in his hands....Caught in the act of trying to take away the toy cell phone....

Which he was not happy about, as you can see...

EC has been waving "bye bye" to everyone....

She has also developed a close relationship with O'malley.....well she thinks so anyway. She feeds him Cheerios off her high chair and he lets her sit on him....

Trying to get a few pictures with G and EC to show that we really do exist.....

Just kidding EC, I'm not the favorite....

I took some pictures of our friends, Kelly and Michael and their family last weekend so before they got there I did a few of G and EC.... You can tell who the "outgoing" one is...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 Months Old!

I am behind, way behind!!! But in my defense we have been busy and the babies have been sick so there hasn't been much time for picture taking or blog uploading! 

In 2 SHORT months my babies will be ONE!!!!! I don't know how that is possible but it's coming!!! This time last year I could barely walk and I remember thinking "what will next Thanksgiving be like?" Well, it's here and G and EC are growing up so fast!!!

Happy 10 Months sweet babies! 

-You are pulling up on your own
-You are saying "momma"
-You are walking while holding on to the furniture
-You have 7 teeth
-You started table foods. You love sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes

Evie Claire:
-You love to say "dada" or "dad"
-You like to wave
-You are standing up while holding on
-You pulled yourself up
-You still have 2 teeth

Thursday, October 11, 2012

On the move...

Graham and Evie Claire on ON THE MOVE and crawling! I said from the beginning that there was no way they would start crawling at the same time and I would be able to get adjusted to one moving before the other one started. WRONG! Evie Claire started crawling last Monday and Graham followed up on Tuesday! Needless to say the baby gate is out of the box and I have them corralled into an area with their toys so they can just scoot all over. 

Exhibit A: She is fast! 

Exhibit B: Not as fast but moving none the less...

Graham is also enjoying standing up....

And here she goes again...venturing into the unchartered waters of the hardwood floor....

They just use me....

So, life with two mobile little people just got a lot more interesting....