Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy 1 Month Graham and Evie Claire!

I can not believe that you are 1 month old already! Time sure is flying by! This last month has definitely been a whirlwind and as we are settling into our life as a family of 4 I am loving that fact that I am your mommy.

-you smile in your sleep all the time...I finally caught one of those precious smiles on camera.
-you love your swing and fall asleep in it almost every morning after I feed you
-you love to lay on your tummy and when you are upset I just flip you over on it and all is well
-since you were in the NICU for so long hardly anyone got to visit you there so when they come to the house everyone wants to see you
-you look just like your mommy and your Papa Nave

-you are so alert and aware of your surroundings and love to look around
-you constantly move your hands
-your temperature dropping is one of our main concerns about you right now so you still have to wear your hat and lots of blankets
-you look just like your daddy.
-you are still so tiny but you make a great snuggler
-you only cry when you have a poopie diaper or drop your pacifier...and it's more of a scream than a cry

Here are some pictures from your first month!

Graham's First Bath!

Graham and Evie Claire-we fall more in love with you everyday!!! 

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