Sunday, September 4, 2011

Drum Roll Please......

As, I stated in an earlier post, Eric and I didn't want to find out in the doctor's office what the sex of the babies were. So once we knew the date that we were going to find out we planned our "Twins Gender Reveal Party" for the day after our appointment. We had a wonderful time and were so anxious to find out what Baby A and Baby B were so we could stop calling them A and B!

Here are the wonderful cakes my dear friend Kelly made for the party! She did a phenomenal job on them!

A few of the decorations that I put together....

We had everyone vote on what they thought Baby A and Baby B would be! 

Here we are before the cake cutting!

Here we go!!!!!!! Baby A is up first! 

IT"S A GIRL!!!!!!!!

Now, it's Baby B's turn!

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Now we can start calling these babies by their names, when we figure out what they are going to be!


  1. Woohoo! Lots of fun coming your way!!! Any ideas on names yet?

  2. Thanks again for letting me be a part of this! It was so much fun and so special! Yay for one of each!