Wednesday, December 28, 2011

34 weeks and counting......(and growing)

Evie Claire is weighing in at 4 lbs 9 oz while Graham is weighing in at 5 lbs 10 oz with a big head measuring 38 weeks! So total I am carrying 10 lbs 3 oz of babies! It was exciting to see them yesterday on the ultrasound as they are getting so big. Both have hair....EC a lot more than G and Eric and I just wonder if either one of them has red hair.

Graham is still breech so Dr. Collins wants to go ahead and schedule a C-section for 38 weeks which is the week of January 23rd. We should know more about that at next week's appointment. There is no indication that I will go into labor anytime soon so Dr. Collins feels pretty confident that I will still be pregnant at 38 weeks.

So for now we are just waiting...biding our time week by week and trying to enjoy the last few weeks of peace and quiet as we have as a family of 2 (or 3 if you our 4 legged first born).

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

31 weeks!

Just a couple of pictures from my maternity photography session....I can't wait to see and share the rest!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I always had this "dream" that when I became pregnant I would LOVE it! That wearing maternity clothes would be cute, fun, and fashionable and that I would feel great and continue life as normal. WRONG! Let me preface in saying that nothing drives me crazier than to hear a pregnant woman sit and complain about all her aches and pains. Before I was pregnant I would think "well, you wanted to be pregnant....what do you think come along with it?" Being on the other side, I can now understand  SOME of the complaining, but to pregnant ladies all over....let's keep it to a minimum PLEASE!! Do NOT post all your pregnancy problems or pains on Facebook. Facebook is not your therapy session. Get a therapist if you feel the need to complain that much. Be thankful that you are pregnant because there are a lot of women who would give anything to be in your shoes and who pay a lot of money to have their miracle baby.

So with that being said.....I do not enjoy being pregnant. I remember some of my friends saying "Oh, I love being pregnant. I missed it when the baby came." I am pretty sure will not be missing being pregnant in the least.  Maybe it's because there are 2 babies growing inside me. This blog has a's not to complain (well, maybe a little) bear with me.

Here are the things I have not enjoyed about being pregnant:
1. PUKING: If you know me at ALL you know that I HATE HATE HATE throwing up. I will do everything in the my power to NOT throw up....God has a funny sense of humor though because for the last 33 weeks I have thrown up morning, sometimes noon and, not everyday but most weeks it happens several times. Luckily the night puking has stopped over the last couple of weeks but I still have my morning puke every couple of days. This from a girl who pretty much has a stomach of steel....I never dreamed I would be the sick pregnant girl.

2. Swollen feet: My shoes DO NOT fit! And I have a lot of shoes! So that whole thing about being fashionable while pregnant went out the window about 16 weeks when my feet started swelling. The other day Eric said "I hope your feet go back down to their normal size or it's going to cost me a lot of money to buy you all new shoes." :) There's goes God with that funny sense of humor again! I usually plan my outfit around what shoes I want to wear.....pregnancy has me down to 2 pair of old slide in Birkenstocks I have had since late high school/early college and my UGGS. Good thing I am in love with my UGGS (I could write a whole blog just on my UGGS and  maybe I will since I am on maternity leave with nothing to do right now).

3. Tingly, numb hands: So for the last month or so I haven't been able to feel my hands, basically my right one. Dr. Collins said lots of pregnant women have carpal tunnel and it goes away after child birth. Needless to say it drives me up a wall. Good excuse not to cook though...."Oh sorry Eric..I can't feel my hands."  Good thing I have an understanding husband who says "It's just need to rest."

So those would be my 3 main reasons I do not enjoy being pregnant. And no, I haven't posted ANY of that on Facebook!  I really try to not complain about it at all because things could be much worse. I have 2 healthy babies inside of me that are growing and getting stronger everyday. I have heard all these twin horror stories and am so thankful that we have made it this far in our pregnancy, with no bed rest or any other problems.

The other day I heard something that really made me stop and think... "If you woke up tomorrow morning and only had what you had thanked God for the day before what would you have left in your life?"  If that happened to me this week I would probably only have my washing machine. It was making this really weird squeaking noise the other night and I thought it was going to die so I said a "thank you" to the Lord when it didn't. So sadly I would have my washing machine.

So today I am THANKFUL for puking, swollen feet, and numb tingly hands because that means I have 2 precious God-given miracles, who have been much prayed for by family and friends and already loved so much,  growing in my stomach and the longer they stay in there the healthier they will be.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Luau!

Most people who know me know that I love anything that has a "theme".....whether it be a party, a shower, a dinner,etc. I love to dress up. To me it's about "how you play the game." Eric gave me an 80's themed party for my 30th birthday last year that was AMAZING!! Everyone who dressed up brought their A game, definitely! Last year for our Sunday School Christmas Party we had a "Tacky Sweater" themed was awesome!! This year the theme was "Christmas Luau." It was a little hard for me to bring my A game this year being as pregnant as I am right now but I think E and I did a pretty good job! 

We had a great time!! I even came home with this cute picnic basket after our game of Dirty Santa. I am thinking of laying some babies in it as a photography prop! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

32 Week Update!

We are moving right along and quickly might I add! I will be 32 weeks on Tuesday and this has been the fastest 32 weeks of my life! It's crazy to think that Eric and I have, at the most, 6 more weeks together by ourselves. I am now going to the doctor every week for an ultrasound and for them to hook me up to a monitor to check the heart rates of each baby and to check and see if I am having any contractions. The last 2 weeks the monitor has shown that I was having contractions but nothing that I am feeling. Dr. Collins seems  pretty adamant that I will go the full 38 weeks.

Today, the ultrasound tech said she felt pretty confident in saying that she thinks each baby weighs almost 5 pounds!! I am carrying 10 pounds of babies, people!!! That is A LOT!! Every night I tell Eric that there is NO way that my stomach can get any bigger and everyday I am proved wrong. At this point I literally feel like it is growing overnight! Right now the hardest challenges for me are getting in and out of bed (it's more like a running jump to get in) and getting my shoes on and off.....

We continue to pray that Graham and Evie Claire will keep growing and getting bigger every day and that they will stay warm and cozy inside me until after the first of the year!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Nursery

So...the nursery is finally finished....I think!! I am sure that over the next few weeks I will find something to add or take away! I was so excited when I found out we were having a boy and a girl but finding bedding that is gender neutral is HARD!!! At first I wanted to find a cute, trendy, modern fabric to use and have the bedding made. Do you know how expensive that is??? WOW! For 1 baby I might have paid $400 for bedding but we simply couldn't do that for 2 babies! Someone gave me a Land of Nod Magazine which is Crate and Barrel's kid's line and I saw this bedding and immediately loved it. From the beginning I had wanted to focus on safari animals, mainly giraffes, and this bedding gave me free reign to do that! Now we just need some babies to fill this room up (but not for a few more weeks)!

Here is the changing table....all our furniture came from Babies R Us

My pillows were made by my friend Jill Davis. 

All my artwork was created by Tracy Allen of The Sweet Peach Paperie

There is no way we would even have a nursery if it hadn't have been for Eric. He did ALL of this work by HIMSELF!!! I am so thankful for him!!

So, now we just need Graham and Evie Claire to make the room complete but like I said, not for a few more weeks!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Shower #5!

Eric's mom gave us a baby shower today! I asked her a while back when she told me she was going to do this if she would make it a diaper shower. We haven't received too many diapers so I thought this would be a great idea. Ladies, if you are pregnant and someone offers to give you a baby shower ask them to make it a diapers and wipes shower! It's the best!!! I never dreamed I would be so excited to receive diapers and wipes!  All of which might last a couple of weeks as many as we will be going through (or so I am told).

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Card Time!!

I have mentioned before that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas cards!! I love receiving them (especially when they have pictures on them) and I love planning what I am going to do for mine and Eric's! Eric has gone along with some crazy ideas over these last 6 years and he only grumbles a little bit! This year I had a great idea (I must admit it wasn't all  mine...pinterest did help out a little bit) and luckily it turned out just as I had envisioned!!! So it's a little early but MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Kittle's to you! 

My wheels are already turning for next year!! 

Thanks to Tracy Allen of The Sweet Peach Paperie for designing my awesome card!!