Friday, November 4, 2011

What's in a Christmas Card?

I think a Christmas card should show you or your family's personality! I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail from friends and family with pictures. I LOVE funny, quirky, and cute Christmas card pictures....

Here is last year's Christmas Card from the Kittle's! 

Our attempt at getting a Christmas Card picture this year! A big thanks to our dear friends Chuck and Jill Davis who took these for us. We have a deal, you take our picture.....I will do the editing. Of course none of these will be seen on our Christmas Card this year! I like to keep that a surprise! I have a much cuter idea and can't wait to share it with you! Graham and Evie Claire have no idea what is in store in future years and all the ideas I have for Christmas Card pictures for them! 

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  1. The photo with tug-of-war is so cute and playful! I'd love to feature it in a blog post I'm working on about holiday photos. Please contact me through my Google profile so I can give you additional details and get your approval. Thanks so much!