Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 6 Months!

The last 6 months of my life have been the fastest 6 months ever!! Time is really flying by! Happy 1/2 Birthday Graham and Evie Claire! You make me and daddy smile and laugh more everyday!! You are truly such a blessing!!!

You are rolling over (back to stomach) and we find you like that a lot of mornings.
You are pushing up on your stomach and lifting your head
You are blowing bubbles with your mouth
You are making noises with your mouth
You are starting to find your voice
You started rice cereal and hated the spoon at first but now you love the cereal, so much that you keep your mouth open while I am feeding EC
You will not take a pacifier..unless you are going to sleep

Evie Claire:
You are constantly rolling over onto your stomach and kicking your legs....daddy says you are swimming
You have found your feet and grab them constantly
You have found your voice and are squealing VERY loudly. Graham stares at you when you do this.
You are a great sleeper and will fall asleep anywhere.
You started rice cereal and are not a big fan of it. 
You went swimming for the first time and LOVED it

 Evie Claire, the last 6 months you have been a pure joy to be around. You are so content and just go with the flow. Your little personality has shown through on so many occasions. You don't give your smiles or laughs to just anyone but when you do they melt my heart. You might be tiny, but you are definitely going to be feisty. I can't wait to see what the next 6 months have in store!

Graham, for the last 6 months you have been the happiest baby! You smile at everyone and have never met a stranger. You have all the women in your life wrapped around your finger! You are such a sweet boy and love to cuddle. I am so excited to watch you grow and look forward to all the smiles you will bring in the next 6 months! 

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