Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 8 Months!

In honor of football season starting we decided to use our Tennessee and Georgia onesies for 8 month pictures!

You babble in a very low whisper
You love to laugh at Evie Claire
You scoot backwards all over the floor and get up on your knees and rock but haven't figured out how to crawl yet
You are sitting up
You said "dada" for the first time in a Zaxby's in Perry, GA on the way back from vacation
Your 1st tooth came through  (bottom right incisor) while in Florida
You act bashful when anyone talks to you and put your hands over your face but not your eyes so you can still see them. 

Evie Claire:
You are saying "dada"
You are sitting up
You love to kick your legs in the bathtub and splash and you laugh when I pour water on your head
You love to take your paci out of your mouth and try out put it in mommy's mouth
You love to laugh
You are very ticklish on your hands, feet, and underneath your chin

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