Monday, December 12, 2011

32 Week Update!

We are moving right along and quickly might I add! I will be 32 weeks on Tuesday and this has been the fastest 32 weeks of my life! It's crazy to think that Eric and I have, at the most, 6 more weeks together by ourselves. I am now going to the doctor every week for an ultrasound and for them to hook me up to a monitor to check the heart rates of each baby and to check and see if I am having any contractions. The last 2 weeks the monitor has shown that I was having contractions but nothing that I am feeling. Dr. Collins seems  pretty adamant that I will go the full 38 weeks.

Today, the ultrasound tech said she felt pretty confident in saying that she thinks each baby weighs almost 5 pounds!! I am carrying 10 pounds of babies, people!!! That is A LOT!! Every night I tell Eric that there is NO way that my stomach can get any bigger and everyday I am proved wrong. At this point I literally feel like it is growing overnight! Right now the hardest challenges for me are getting in and out of bed (it's more like a running jump to get in) and getting my shoes on and off.....

We continue to pray that Graham and Evie Claire will keep growing and getting bigger every day and that they will stay warm and cozy inside me until after the first of the year!

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