Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 2 Months!

How have 2 months flown by since you were born? 

-you love to be naked and on your changing table
-you now hold your breath when you cry and are mad
-you love to be on your stomach
-you love a bath
-you weigh 7 lbs 11 oz
-you love to be next to your sister and when you are really upset we lay you next to her and you calm down
-you love to be held
-you hold your head up when on your stomach

Evie Claire:
-you finally got to get a bath
-you weigh 6 lbs 3 oz
-you lift your head up when on your stomach
-you received your first Valentine from a boy...Mr. Nolan Ange
-you love to be held by your daddy
-you have discovered your tongue and love to stick it out

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