Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reporting for duty...

I am excited to say effective immediately these two cuties will be signing my paycheck. I resigned from work a couple of weeks ago before my maternity leave was over. 

My plan was always to go back part time, working 2 days a week. But after much prayer and consideration I  felt it best that I needed to stay home with Graham and Evie Claire. It wasn't the easiest decision I have ever made, which sounds should be a no-brainer..we have the means for me to be able to stay home so why would I not jump on it, right? I have held 2 jobs since graduating college and have LOVED LOVED LOVED everything about both of them....the job, the people I work with, the flexibility, the excitement, the fact that I went to work every morning not knowing what the day would hold. I have always wanted to be in law enforcement and worked so incredibly hard to make name for myself in the field. And I am incredibly lucky to have worked in that field for 10 years....most people can't say they loved going to work every morning. But now, my obligation is to my family and I am really excited to be home with them every day. I know it won't be easy at times but I know that it will be worth it.  I have so many things I want to do with the two of them...well, once the newborn stage is over and my sleep deprivation has worn off, and they can actually leave the house....big plans! 
Can you sense the excitement?

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