Thursday, May 24, 2012

We have lift off...

So big advancements this week in the Kittle house...Evie Claire pushed up and Graham rolled over (from his back to his stomach). I layed EC on her belly the other day and she just pushed up on her own...I, of course, grabbed the camera....She will do it a few times and then she gets mad and starts to squeal. Notice in the background Graham just lays on his attempts to push up. I am sure he is thinking "why's too much work." 

Last night, however, Eric and I witness his first big roll over from his back to his stomach. It took some effort and when he finally got over he just layed there like he was worn out. 

We are also sitting up in our Bumbo's! Whoever invented these things are a genius! EC is a little better at holding her head up than Graham but he will get there soon. He is already doing a lot better. When they are both holding their heads up well we will be starting rice cereal!!! 

Wait, where did you come from???

It has been a fun past couple of weeks....EC and G are just now starting to notice each other...they look at each other and smile and the other day Graham reached for Evie Claire's face.....then her ear, and her hair! I am so excited to see the relationship develop between the two of them!

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