Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mr. Kittle!

Eric and I have been married 6 years today!!! I can NOT believe it has been that long! To say that is has been easy would be an understatement. Not because we, as a couple, have had a hard time. We have had SO many trials and obstacles come our way in these 6 years. To list them all would be boring and whiney. But I can't imagine going through them with anyone else! Eric Kittle, you are most definitely my rock!

So here are the top 10 reasons why I love you (in no particular order)

1. You and I can sing a mean rendition of Prince's "When Doves Cry." We know ALL the words and sometimes we even do a little dance routine to it!
2. You always let me pick the restaurant we are going to eat at because you know if you pick I will say "that doesn't sound good to me."
3. You hate to fly and know that I love to fly so you suck it up and do it for me! And we have taken some pretty awesome vacations on an airplane!
4. You continue to surprise me daily, whether is be with flowers, a note, a card, a surprise birthday party or a surprise vacation! Thank you!
5. You pray for me and our precious babies everyday!
6. You make me laugh! And I mean belly laugh! I always tell you to be funnier when we are around our friends and you always reply that your wit is reserved only for me!
7. You remind me of my dad in certain little ways! And I never noticed it until after he passed away.
8. You know me better than anyone. Example...when, at the beach, I ask you to get into the ocean you always reply "you have to pee don't you?" :) Most people woudn't know that's the only reason I ever get into the ocean. Maybe that's a little too much information for a blog post.....
9. You are the best gift giver!!!! My gifts always fail in comparison to the ones you buy me.
10. You play a mean game of Wii tennis! And will stay up ALL NIGHT with me trying to beat Super Mario Brothers 3!

Our wedding day. October 15, 2005

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