Friday, October 21, 2011

O'malley's last photo shoot.....alone!

O'malley is our 4 legged first born. We got him about 6 months after we got married. We quickly realized that O'malley had a little separation anxiety and did not like to be away from his mom and dad; therefore when he was in his crate or in the laundry room he barked.....and barked......and barked. Eric and I decided to just let him run free in the house and see what happened. No crate, no baby gate, nothing. Amazingly he did great! O'malley never chewed on anything he wasn't supposed to, he didn't  use the bathroom in the house, nothing. The one thing about O'malley is.....he ALWAYS has to be touching someone. This means if you are sitting on the couch then he is sitting right next to you. If you are eating dinner at the kitchen table, he is sitting on the tile right next to you and so on and so forth. He spends his days laying on his bed in our office, in front of our big window so he can see out. Point is...he has been the perfect dog. Eric and I have already said that when he goes to dog heaven we will NEVER have another beagle. Fact is, no dog could ever replace O'malley.

But O'malley has a little shock coming to him in early 2012. He has been the center of our attention for the last 5 1/2 years so we are a little nervous about what he will do when Graham and Evie Claire make their appearance at home and he realizes they aren't leaving.  Several people have asked what will happen to O'malley when the babies get here. I find it a dumb question really. What do you mean what will happen to him? He will continue on his beagle lifestyle, with a few changes. We aren't giving him away. We aren't giving him to his grand mommy. I strongly believe that if you adopt a pet then that pet is yours to take care of, to love.....your responsibility. Honestly I have no idea why someone would adopt a pet if they were going to ignore him or her (but that's a soap box for another day).

As I said in an earlier post my friend and awesome pet photographer, Cynthia Trundlehas taken O'malley's picture a few times. She also has this awesome chair that she photographs pets in and I have been dying to get O in that chair. So we set up an appointment with her for last week when Eric and I were both off and I thought I would share some of those pictures with you. She did an amazing job and I can't wait to frame some of these! Sadly, I am sure this will be O'malley's last photo session without two kids pulling his tail or his ears! :)

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