Sunday, October 9, 2011

UT Girls Weekend 2011....

I love my UT girls! Every year since we graduated (in 2002) we have taken a trip. Sometimes we pick some place random and sometimes we take our husbands. It's great! We have gone to Chicago, Denver, Washington D.C., Amelia Island...just to name a few. We now have 9 children between us with 2 sets of twins!! I never dreamed sitting on our couch in college Tracy and I would each have twins! This year it just worked out that we could all be in Knoxville for the Tennessee/Georgia game. It was definitely our shortest trip yet but as long as we get to spend our time together that's ok! UT didn't win the game but we still had a blast!

Tracy and Michele at Calhoun's

Kate and I at Calhoun's

 The top picture is from UT Homecoming 2001, 10 years ago!!! Hard to believe we have been out of college almost 10 years!!!

Happy Reunion 2011 my girls!! Can't wait to see what 2012 holds!!

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