Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's in a name??

As soon as people find out if you are having a boy or a girl or both in our case they say "Have you picked out a name?" Before I got pregnant I was adamant that I was not sharing our baby's  name. And had it been only 1 baby I would have seriously considered not finding out the sex of the baby but with 2 there was no way I could not find out.

There is no element of surprise anymore when it comes to childbirth. You can take a pregnancy test 5 days early now, find out the sex of your baby half way through your pregnancy, get your nursery ready, and even see your baby on a 4D ultrasound now. So...I felt like we could at least keep the names a secret. I was wrong. After I found out that God had tremendously blessed us with both a boy and a girl I was excited to give them each a name and quit calling them "he" or "she" or "A" and "B." And selfishly I wanted some monogrammed gifts too! :)

Eric and I play around with a lot of different names. It kind of reminded me of the episode of Friends when Ross and Rachel were trying to pick out a name for Baby Emma and they each got 3 veto powers. We veto-ed each other's names a lot. It got to be pretty funny. Every night while we were eating dinner or watching TV one of us would just randomly say a name and the other would either veto or say "it's ok."

I was also pretty adamant that their names would not rhyme, have the same initials, or even the same first letters. These babies are 2 separate individuals and I want them to always know that. I think too many parents of twins group them together too much. The ONLY thing these babies share is mine and Eric's DNA and my uterus. They are brother and sister and it would be no different if I had gotten pregnant with each of them at 2 separate times.

Eric was adamant that whatever name we are calling them is the name that is going on their birth certificate. No shortening of names, no nicknames, no middle names used as first names, etc.

After my dad died I knew I wanted to use his middle name "Everette" if I ever had a little boy. But the more I started thinking about it I liked Everette for a girl too.

So without further adieu I would like to introduce you to.....

Baby A- Evie Claire Kittle (we will be calling her Evie Claire)
Baby B- Graham Everette Kittle 

We were able to use Everette as a middle name for Graham and then since I liked Everette for a girl too Evie just seemed appropriate to me! 

Graham and Evie Claire, mommy and daddy have prayed for you for several years and we can not wait to see your sweet faces and meet you on your birthday!!!!

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