Monday, April 23, 2012

Addi and Evie Claire.....

Finally meet! I think Addi has asked Jayme numerous times to see and hold Evie Claire. She told Jayme she wanted to come over and hold Evie Claire but that Graham could just sit beside them.  So yesterday I had to run over to Jayme's to pick up a few things and decided to take EC with me for Addi to finally meet.  When I got there and sat the car seat down on the table she quickly got up to see EC. I asked Addi if she wanted to hold her and she quickly shook her head "yes." She sat down on the couch and I handed EC to her. She did great! She even gave EC her pacifier. EC fell asleep so I put her back in her car seat and Addi sat down in the floor with her and rocked her. She even tried to give EC her fake pet which Jayme told her that EC was too little to play with a pet snake. Addi said "but I washed it."  Soon, Addi, soon. 

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