Sunday, April 8, 2012

When I become famous...

I am not a famous person nor do I foresee becoming one in the near future or ever for that matter; however, if you want to feel famous just take a set of twins out in public! Last Sunday Eric and I decided to get out of the house with the babies for their first public Target and Babies R Us. Eric and I each took a buggy and a baby and hit it...we had to exchange our swing which quit working. We could hardly get through Target because we kept getting stopped. Among the questions and comments...."are they twins?," "are they boys (I guess EC's pink pacifier and pink outfit didn't tip them off..I say "no, a boy and a girl)?", "are they identical ( I said it's a boy and a girl....why don't you open their diaper and tell me if they are identical)?", "oh my goodness, twins", "look, two babies", "oh my goodness if I had had two babies I would have given one back." "do they have the same color eyes?" And this was just at Target. Babies R Us wasn't as much of a challenge.

All I could do was laugh. In my mind twins aren't THAT uncommon. I would be more apt to stare if I saw triplets or quadruplets but I can understand the fascination with multiples. When you join the MOMS OF MULTIPLES club you join a pretty "elite" group who understand the "famous" factor of taking your multiples out in public. That is why a lot of moms of multiples just don't leave the house a ton....well that and the fact it's like an act of Congress to get out the door with 2 infants.

Fast forward 2 days....Tuesday...I want to take Graham and Evie Claire to have their picture made with the Easter Bunny. Eric kindly declined this outing so I asked my mom if she wanted to go. By the time we got them in the car, unloaded them at the mall, pushed my 50 lb limo stroller through the mall, unloaded them again to have their picture taken and loaded them back in their stroller, I had sweat rolling down all parts of my body and was thinking my idea was not so brilliant. If I had to give an estimate on how many times we got stopped or had someone ask a question I would guess it was at least 25 exaggeration.

It gets a little frustrating but it does make me laugh when I think about it. If I wasn't a mom of multiples I am sure I would stare too! I like to think we get stopped because Graham and Evie Claire are just so darn cute.....

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  1. Oh I remember the days of trying just to get out and enjoy sometime with my girls. I had a stroller that the girls could face each other and the canopies would close together. On one of our first trips to the mall I had to push them complete down and lay a blanket over them. It's insane! I did enjoy getting to meet your babies on that Sunday.