Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Night out at Publix....

I don't get out of the house much. The other night as Eric and I were watching American Idol they were singing songs from the last 2 years....about halfway through I told Eric that I had only heard of 1 of the songs they were singing so far....but then I remembered I have pretty much been stuck in this house since Thanksgiving which is when I stopped worked and went on maternity leave. I am totally not complaining....just funny how things have changed. I used to be up on all the latest music...Eric used to even make fun of me for knowing almost every song that came on the radio. Now, I listen to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (which has the same melody as when you sing your ABC's...I bet you are doing it in your head right now), and whatever other song is playing on the swing that one of the babies is in or the cat that sings on the play mat....this "classical" music,  has become the theme song for mine and Eric's dinner time....

Anyway, I have digressed and this was supposed to be about our night out at Publix. As I said, I don't get out of the house much...not that everyone under the sun hasn't offered to baby sit and I am so thankful and grateful for their willingness to help a sista out but it's really too much work to get out the door....with babies or without them. I mean I have to shower.....normally not taking a shower to run a few errands wouldn't be a big deal but these days I HAVE to shower one told me that when you are nursing that you sweat like a 300 pound offensive lineman who has been playing 4 hours of football in 90 degree weather......thanks a lot , mom friends! I kid...I am thinking men's deodorant is my next investment...I wake up in the middle of the night and am soaking wet...the other night Eric touched my back and said "that's gross." Point is I sweat a lot so I have to shower....and after I shower and dry my hair (which I do about 2 times a week) and put on make up (if you are lucky) I am sweating again.....

So back to the point of my story.....I have enjoyed getting out of the house every once in a while to run a few errands alone but I love my family and want them to tag along too so I asked Eric on Thursday if maybe we could go to Publix Friday night and take the babies...he was game! I started getting ready on Friday morning....making my list...taking my shower...getting, etc. So when Eric got home...we ate dinner, loaded up the babies and were off...ok, it really didn't go that quickly.....after we ate, Eric changed Graham and got him in the car seat...I had to change Evie Claire's clothes because she needed something long sleeved since the grocery store is usually a bit cooler...I changed her into a long sleeved onesie with pants, put her in her car seat and she then spit up ALL down the front of the onesie and down the arm...she never does this so I changed her again....she then spit up on that was a small spot so we left it, loaded them up and off to Publix we went. Some people might think this sounds crazy that I run around like a mad woman but when you are nursing 2 babies you only have a small window of time that you can be gone before you have to nurse again and like some women I am not comfortable nursing in my car, a bathroom, or anywhere in public for that matter. It's a personal choice however it's just not for me.

We got to Publix and got a parking spot up front...score! Since we have been out 3 times with the babies we are now pros at this, right? So our game plan is to each grab a buggy and a baby.....that's how we roll! We each are carrying a car seat into Publix...Eric grabs a buggy and shoots it over at me...I catch it and sit Graham up in it....Eric does the same for Evie Claire....then......wait for it........................................... the lady behind us waiting to get her buggy says "Are those twins?" :) We say "yes" to which she tells us all about the fact that she is a twin! :) We finish chatting and head to the produce department. As I am looking at the squash, which is on sale....I hear a man come up behind Eric and say "Are those twins?" At this point I start to laugh......Eric tells him that in fact they are twins and he proceeds to get pictures out of his wallet and show Eric his grandchildren who are 4 months a part and they "might as well be twins." Not even 5 minutes into our shopping and here we go again..... To my surprise that was the only 2 comments we got all evening, well until we got to the checkout line.  It could have been because we split up and no one really noticed me or Eric with just one baby in tow.

So, there it is....our little trip to Publix! I try to make it funny because it really is! Life has definitely changed, but for the better and I can't imagine my life without Graham and Evie Claire now!

 Stay we went to the mall AND Target!

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