Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!

HE is Risen! Happy Easter!

One day Graham and Evie Claire will not appreciate these pictures as I show them to prospective spouses when they come over for dinner and a questionnaire! But for now they are cute little bunnies who I think thoroughly enjoyed wearing the bunny ears that I got for $1 at Target!~

I bought G and EC cute little Easter outfits to wear to my mom's for lunch....however both of them were too big and G didn't like his overalls so much as he screamed when he had them on for the most part. They are 3 months old and EC is still wearing newborn and G just went in to 0-3 months!
At least we got a picture in their outfits. 

One of the only pictures we have of the 4 of us since their newborn pictures...

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