Monday, June 4, 2012

The Park...Again

I hate to use the word "stuck" when it comes to staying at home but I kind of am stuck at home through the week. A lot of days I think how easy one baby would be to just pick up and run errands, etc. I would't trade having twins for's just harder. I can't even run to the grocery store with them. I could sit one down in the grocery cart and one up top but then where would I put my groceries??? Anyway it's just easier to run errands alone when Eric is home at night or someone can watch the babies during the day and not get them out.  So when Eric is home on the weekends he is wonderful about getting out with us. Saturday was such a beautiful day we decided to go over to Heritage Park....our new hang out spot apparently. Eric and I both said on the car ride home we can't wait for G and EC to start doing sitting up so we can go to the zoo or the aquarium...they just can't really do anything right now but it's still nice to get out and is a nice change of scenery for them! Anyone who knows me knows that I pretty much take my camera everywhere we go....I document EVERYTHING!

I love seeing my boys together. Eric can make Graham laugh and smile more than anyone! 

Eric was so excited when we found out one of the babies was a boy but I knew as soon as this little girl was born he would be wrapped around her finger.....and she LOVES her daddy!

Graham got a new baseball hat....

Evie Claire enjoyed her time out in the shade as well...

And a few with mom to end the day!

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