Thursday, June 14, 2012

What a difference a year makes....

One year ago today Eric and I found out we were having twins! I remember it so vividly....what I was wearing, what Eric was wearing....we went to eat breakfast at Panera afterwards...I had a chocolate chip bagel and I couldn't even finish it because I was so excited and nervous! Then I went to the mall and bought my first maternity shirt because I knew I would start showing quickly! It was so overwhelming and exciting at the same time!!

Here is a picture of Graham and Evie Claire from June 14, 2011! Affectionately known as Baby A and Baby B then!

And here they are today!!! Exactly one year to the date later and 5 months old!

One year ago today I never knew my life could change this much or that I was capable of loving 2 people so unconditionally! They make me smile everyday and fill mine and Eric's lives with so much joy! And on June 14, 2013 I won't be able to get a picture of them together because I am sure they will be ALL OVER the place in 2 opposite directions! 

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