Thursday, August 18, 2011

And guess what????

On June 14, when I was exactly 6 weeks, I went in for my first ultrasound. I had already had 3 appointments for blood work. At the first one on May 31 my hcg level was at 207. Anything over 9 means you have a positive blood pregnancy test. I went back on June 2 for another. They told me at the doctor's office that my hcg level needed to double about every 30 hours or so to be able to sustain a pregnancy. My hcg level on that day was 430. The lady who draws my blood said "hmmm.....that's really high. There might be more than one baby in there." I immediately came home and e-mailed a friend who had twins and asked her what her first hcg was and she said it was over 1,200. I wasn't too worried. I went back for my last hcg on June 9th and it was 4,745.

Our first ultrasound was scheduled that next Tuesday. I was so anxious and nervous. Were there really 2 babies? Was everything OK? I didn't really feel any differently at that point. Our doctor came in and put the ultrasound in and it was very clear that there were 2 babies in there!! Eric and I just started laughing. We were able to hear the heartbeat on one and see the flutter on the second one, even though it was still to early to pick it up.

Eric and I went to Panera for breakfast afterwards laughing the whole time. I called my mom and said "well, there's 2 babies." She replied "Are you serious?" Eric tried to get me to tell her there were 3 but I didn't want her to pass out.

Here is a picture that Eric took of me at Panera right after we found out that we were HAVING TWINS!!!

And here is a picture of our first ultrasound! They are tiny little guys....kind of looks like a cross between a ghost and an owl....

And a picture of me at 6.5 weeks! 


  1. LOVE IT!!! :) I was among the "are you serious?!!"

  2. SO happy for you guys! It will be an adventure for sure! A great one! :)