Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby A and Baby B!

We are now in terms of calling the twins Baby A and Baby B! Baby A is on my left side and will come into this world first. Baby B is on my right and will come into this world second. Baby A likes to move around a lot....he or she kind of jumps up and down in his/her sac. We could have a future Olympic skiier on our hands. Baby B lays there with his or her hands behind his head like he is just relaxing. I already have a feeling that we are going to have 2 polar opposite babies on our hands.....

August 2nd was my 13 week appointment with Dr. Collins. It was a long one......we did lots and lots of talking about the rest of the pregnancy. Dr. Collins made sure that I was aware that I was a DOCTOR patient....if I need to call the on call number after hours I am to speak to a doctor, not a nurse or a mid-wife. She said that she would be happy if I made it to 34 weeks (that is 2 days after Christmas). I asked her if I could go longer and she told me that she would let me go to 38 weeks but no further. I was relieved to hear her say that when it comes down to delivery time if both babies are head down she will let me try to have them vaginally. The only problem lies within the fact that Baby A will come out and then that frees up so much room that Baby B wasn't use to so he or she flips and turns feet down resulting in a C-section at that point. Dr. Collins said that this happens about 30% of the time.  So, if I try to deliver vaginally I will deliver in an operating room instead of a regular delivery room.

We also talked about where I would deliver. She said that if I delivered at Women's East and the babies ended up needing to go to the NICU then they would take them to Erlanger downtown. I told her that it was not an option for my babies to leave me and that I really didn't want to deliver downtown. We talked about Parkridge East Hospital (old East Ridge Hospital) and Dr. Collins said that they were fully equipped to handle the twins. So we settled on delivering there. I am comfortable with that. I have had several friends deliver at that hospital and were completely happy with it.

I feel good that she has a plan for us and trust her completely to take care of me and these babies!

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  1. I am SO happy that you had this type of appointment!It is so important to know what the rest holds for you and your blessings! I m waiting to hear for boys or girls! :0)