Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Kittle blog....It was bound to happen......

Here we are....The Kittles...Eric and Holly, and the ever so human-like 4 legged beagle, O'malley, that also lives in our house. O'malley is pretty advanced for a dog (or so Eric and I like to think). I can't tell you how many times I have said to Eric "I really think he understands what I say." But I will dedicate a whole other blog to our first child.

It seems like the rest of the world has joined the blog-o-sphere so why not the Kittles? I toyed with the idea of starting a blog a while back to keep up with our life so that it doesn't pass by too quickly and then in the end we can't remember what we did. But I guess the main reason for starting the blog is we are pregnant with our first child....umm, I mean our first two children! WE ARE EXPECTING TWINS in early 2012! Like all the other moms (it still sounds so weird to call myself a mom)  I am sure I will need a place to update all the cute things that they are going to do so I can look back and remember them!

So, who are we?

I'm Holly....I love all things University of Tennessee football and orange,  pedicures, flip flops, coffee (not all things coffee...just coffee...with 1 sweet n low and lots of maybe I love creamer), forensics (the serial killer, C.S.I forensics, not drama class forensics...and no I am not a weird-o....forensics is my career), Mexican food, my Lord and Savior, my church, and photography (check me out at Holly Kittle Photography).

He's Eric....He loves all things University of Georgia football and red and black (makes for a fun 2nd Saturday in October at our house), football, golf, grilling out (he really just likes making the grill marks on his meat of choice), His Lord and Savior, painting (a good Bob Ross is his fave), and a good movie from the Red box on a Friday night...that we usually forget to take back and have to pay an extra $1 for!

So...that's us in nutshell! We know NOTHING and I mean NOTHING about being parents, especially to twins, so I am sure this is going to be a hysterical, crazy,wonderful ride full of other parents telling us what we are doing wrong!!! I can't wait! Keep up with us!

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