Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's it gonna be???

Eric and I had our 17 week appointment with Dr. Collins yesterday. This was also the day they would do my anatomy scan on each baby and we should find out the gender. I was so anxious going in. I stopped at Chick-fil-a on my way to get a LARGE lemonade to make these two dance around so we could get a good shot at their "no no spots" (as the kids I interview like to call it). That was NOT a good idea.....details later about that one.....

Eric and I had decided a long time ago that we didn't want to find out the sexes of the babies in the doctors office. We wanted to make it special and have a little "gender reveal party." I got the idea from another photographer's blog that I follow before I was even pregnant. My friend, Kelly, makes cakes so I asked her a long time ago if she would make us 2 small cakes and make the inside pink or blue so we could invite our families over to cut them and find out with everyone else what the babies were. She happily agreed!

So , Amy, our ultrasound tech calls us back first and we told her what we wanted to do. I even took my own envelope with a cute note card for her to write it down for us! She kept telling us both not to be disappointed if we couldn't find out today because sometimes it was harder to tell earlier with twins. I was trying not to get my hopes up all the while praying that they would cooperate. She started with Baby A....measuring his head and then his belly, kidneys, heart, etc and then she said "OK, I am going between the legs...close your eyes." So Eric and I both closed our eyes. Within 5 seconds she said "OK...I am on the feet now. You can open your eyes." I said "Could you tell?" and she replied "YES!" All the while she was measuring Baby A, Baby B kept moving over into the picture trying to steal the limelight from A. Amy said "I think B is going to be your photogenic one." Well, of course.....look who his mommy is! :)

So we moved on to Baby B....same scenario as with Baby A. When she got to the between the legs part we closed our eyes again. She worked and worked, moved the ultrasound probe all over and then started bouncing it up and down my stomach. I was so worried that B would not cooperate! Finally, after what seemed an eternity she said "OK, down to the feet." She said she was able to tell!

After we finished she made us close our eyes again just to double check and she said she was 100% sure in the gender of both babies! Baby A is measuring 6 oz and Baby B is coming in a 7 oz. She said that was right on the mark for twins at this stage! Hard to believe these babies are almost 1 pound a piece!

She wrote down the genders on my card and put the ultrasound pictures in there as well and sealed it up! She even said she wanted to come to our party to see our reactions. We had to wait to see Dr. Collins after that and Eric had to go back to work. I was all alone with the sealed envelope in that room. Talk about hard! I kept thinking "I could just rip it open and no one would know." But I really do love surprises so I wanted to hold out and find out when we cut the cakes!

Dr. Collins came in and said she heard about my party and loved the idea. She told me to call her and let her know what they are because she didn't find out either since I didn't want to know! Love that about her! We talked about the babies and how they were doing and then it was time to deliver the envelope. So I am all alone in the car this time with the sealed envelope taking it to Michael, Kelly's husband. I think I sped the whole way just to get it out of my possession!

So the envelope has been delivered, the cakes have been made and frosted and now we wait until 7:30 tonight to cut them! The only person missing will be Sara, who I wish could be here so badly for many reasons! However I have been instructed to call her as soon as the last person leaves!

Eric thinks it's a boy and a girl and I am in the same boat with him! Can't wait to find out!!!

Details on the lemonade incident in an upcoming post!


  1. Love it and can't wait to hear!!! I wish SO bad I could be there too!! Love you!!

  2. Oh Holly how di you NOT peek??? I would have had too! You are so good! I hope a boy and girl for your sake too! PLEASE hurry and post!!!

  3. It was SO fun knowing before everyone and making your cakes! I am so happy for you guys! :)