Friday, September 2, 2011

Who knew LEMONADE would cause such an uproar?

So, apparently Chick-fil-a lemonades are FULL of sugar! I like to learn things the hard way!

I had a tremendously busy morning at work on Tuesday (for those of you who know what I do for a living, you know this is not a good thing). Anyway, I shoveled my chicken salad sandwich into my mouth along with a Ziploc bag full of grapes and jumped in my car to head to the doctor. I brilliantly thought that I would stop at Chick-fil-a and get one of their large lemonades to have on my way there......also in hopes the babies would be dancing and showing their "toot toots" so we could find out what they were! NOT. A. GOOD.IDEA.

After my ultrasound I give a urine sample and go into the "triage" area to be weighed, etc. As I am sitting there the nurse says "have you had anything sweet recently?" I say "yeah, a lemonade." So she explains that my urine is showing sugar and she will need to draw blood. She draws the blood and it is 151. I say "well, it was a large." (like a child who is being reprimanded). She says she will let Dr. Collins know.

I have my visit with Dr. Collins and she says everything looks good and sends me on my way. I assume she was not concerned about my sugar. At around 5:30 that night Dr. Collins, herself calls my cell phone. She said she was looking over my chart and realized what my sugar was and she was a little concerned. She said we were so excited talking about the twins and everything else she just forgot to check it. And that I was at a greater risk for everything since I was having twins so she would feel more comfortable if I had my glucose test next week. If I pass then I can wait and do it again at 28 weeks. If I fail........then BOO!

So, lemonade has that much sugar....who knew? (I am kidding)! I guess I will order diet from now on!

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  1. I had no clue it was that high either. Well, maybe a treat for after delivery, huh? :)