Monday, September 12, 2011


Remember my lemonade story? Well......I went in for my 1 hour glucose test on the 6th. I was really nervous about the test...not on whether I would pass or fail but about having to drink the "stuff." I drink very little....and I mean very little. It takes me all day to finish a canned drink. So when I got there they called me  back to the lab and the lady asked me what flavor I wanted....I took fruit punch. She said "You have 3 minutes to drink it but I will give you 5." I thought "there is no way that will happen.....I will probably throw up all over this lady's lab and have to start over." Surprisingly it didn't taste that bad....and I chugged it down in less than 3 minutes.

I waited an hour in the waiting room, while on an empty stomach and starving, a lady brings in her child who proceeds to eat his Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit in front of me! NICE! I almost asked the little boy if he would take $10 for the biscuit.

After they hour they called me back again to draw my blood....and now we were to wait.

On Friday my nurse called to tell me that I failed the glucose test. Mine was at 146. She said that 135 was the cut off. I seriously failed by 11 points?????

Did I mention I was in line at Krystal to get my lunch when she called? I traded the coke in for a diet coke... Details, details.....

3 hour test on Wednesday!

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  1. Holly, does this mean that you could possibly be diabetic? What about your babies?