Thursday, September 15, 2011

I always knew I was a good student.....

Luckily, I passed my 3 hour glucose test yesterday!!! Thankfully!!!

It didn't start out so well though. Since I had to fast before the test I had not had anything to eat since 6PM the night before. I went to bed starving. I woke up starving. I got to Dr.Collins office around 8:30 for my first blood draw and to drink the lovely fruit punch drink. The phlebotomist told me that I might get nauseous the first hour so I had to stay there. I didn't think much of it at the time since I didn't get sick after the first one. But the longer I sat there the sicker I became! I wasn't too enthusiastic of the thought of puking in the waiting room so I got up and went back to the lab and told her that I wasn't feeling very well. They made me lie down on a table and put ice on my neck. Luckily it helped and I never actually got sick!

So after 3 hours and 4 blood draws I could go. She told me to eat a high protein lunch....Yeah, right lady! Do you know how hungry I am and how hungry these 2 babies are?!!! I am going for filling and good! I did get the grilled chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a........ minus the lemonade! :)


  1. Way to hold it together - I told you you were strong!

  2. What a blessing! Very happy you passed!