Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tiny Dancer....

I am currently 20 weeks. One question I frequently get asked is "have you felt the babies move?" When I respond with a "no" everyone looks at me as if I just grew third head. I didn't think it was a big deal and was starting to get a little concerned. They are always moving on the ultrasound but I just wasn't feeling them. Dr. Collins told me it was no big deal and that most women "think" they feel their baby move earlier when they really don't. I even had to see another doctor on Wednesday and when he did a Doppler on my right side and baby boy kicked and it made a "boom" he asked " wow, did you feel that?" Me: "Nope, nothing." He even looked at me like I was on crack.

But a miraculous thing happened on Thursday. I was sitting at my desk and I felt Baby Girl A No Name move!!!! It was fluttery and quick and then I just started feeling her all day long! Baby Boy B has not really moved yet that I am 100% aware of! Hopefully soon though! Eric calls her our "Tiny Dancer" because she has been way more active than him on the ultrasounds since the beginning. I texted Eric as soon as I felt her. He keeps asking me if she is moving or if I can feel her. I know he wants to be able to feel her move so badly! I can't wait until he can feel her!

As for me I think I hit a brick wall this week! I am WORN OUT! Growing 2 humans inside you is apparently a lot of work!!!


  1. I didn't feel Hads until 22 weeks!

  2. I knew you'd feel them soon! People will make you worry about things that there is no need to worry about! Everyone is different, as is every baby different! :) It's the most amazing feeling! Pretty soon you will be wanting them to STOP moving! Ha!